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DIY this Easter – for double discounts on Build Your Own packs


Do it yourself this Easter


Have you ever wished we did a pack just for you, with your favourite pants in it?

For one weekend only – we do! And we’re giving you DOUBLE the usual pants pack discount too!

Build your pants pack here - add however many pants you want to your basket, apply the relevant discount code, below, at checkout (this stage comes LATE in the checkout process, after you have gone through paypal but it does come, we promise!) and you’re a pants pack inventor!

How many pants do you want in your pack?
Two pairs – usual saving £2 – Easter saving £4 – use code twopairs
Three pairs – usual saving £4 – Easter saving £8 – use code threepairs
Four pairs – usual saving £6 - Easter saving £12 - use code threepairs
Five pairs – usual saving £9 - Easter saving £18 - use code fivepairs
Six pairs – usual saving £12 - Easter saving £24 - use code sixpairs
Seven pairs – usual saving £16 - Easter saving £32 - use code seven pairs

Please note – only one discount code can be used per order. Offer ends 23.59 on Monday 21st April 2014.

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Today’s the day! Hello HENRIETTA!

It’s been a long time coming but here, in response to loads of requests are our new, elastic at waist and leg, side seamed, gorgeous briefs!


HRDapper Front


Here they are in sleek silver Dapper – but there are three more colours on sale today plus three new packs.


There’s launch pricing today and all weekend but with regular prices starting at £11.50 for Hero, in black, and our standard pricing set at £15 per pair, we think that these are going to become a firm favourite with lots of you.


We hope you love Henrietta as much as we do!

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What colour is skin tone?

Way back in the day, even before I’d met any of the women who would become my colleagues here at Who Made Your Pants? people were putting in requests for the sorts of pants they wanted us to make.

One of the requests we got a lot – and still get, is for ‘nude’ or ‘skin tone’.

My answer is always ‘whose skin?’. If you look at the way those words are used, it so often means ‘that orangey pink yellowy colour that means flesh tone for white people’. And I’m clear that nude is not just a word for white people. There are ten of us in the Who Made Your Pants? premises on a regular basis, from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Britain, Somalia and the Sudan. Plus we have our Board of another four women, including American, British and Jamaican women, and not one of us has the same skin tone as another. The idea that ‘nude’ or ‘skin tone’ means one thing only genuinely seems a bit daft to me. And I’ve stubbornly resisted making anything in *that* colour until we were able to offer something at the same time that would hopefully work for darker skins, too.

So. We can’t make ten shades as we haven’t found ten fabrics, but today we’re launching two colours in our classic Aimee shape. They are lovely in themselves and I also hope that they will work for some people as ‘skin tones’ or ‘nudes’.

We have a lovely rich brown, Marvellous Marron, and a soft ivory, Beautiful Blanc. Both are priced at £12.50, the same price as our Aimee black and white basics, and like them they are available as Working Week packs. There is special launch pricing this weekend – £2.50 off the individual pants, making them £10, and £5 off the Working Week packs meaning that for this weekend only they are £48.50

I really hope that these pants make you as happy as they have made all of us here. For me at least they are about so much more than just pants

Shop the offer here until 23.59 on midnight on Sunday and we’ll post your pants out on Monday the 17th

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Purple Pants, for Dignity

It’s International Women’s Day tomorrow, a day for women all around the world to celebrate womanhood, and day for all those of us who have a special woman in their lives to celebrate her. That sounds like pretty much everyone on the planet should be celebrating really, doesn’t it?

We’ll be part of the brilliant WOW Festival  market at the Southbank Centre in London all weekend, and to mark the occasion, we have been saving up two new colours in our Cecilia pants. Both are edged in a sumptuous deep purple – purple being the colour the suffragettes wore as it represented dignity.

WMYP 0015WMYP 0017

Say hello to the absolutely gorgeous Magic Roundabout and Through the Grapevine. As usual, we are running a launch offer and there is £5 off each pair of pants and £10 off each of the packs they are in all weekend.

Shop the offer here until 23.59 on Sunday 9th March – or  in person at the Southbank centre 9-6 Friday 7, Saturday 8 or Sunday 9th March – and bag yourself some perfect purple pants!

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Dydd Gwyl Dewi Sant Hapus!

Or, as you may say, Happy St David’s Day!

We spend a lot of time here at Who Made Your Pants? learning about each others cultures and backgrounds and as a proud, although accent less nowadays, Welsh woman I am delighted to say that the team have pronounced Welsh Cakes ‘delicious’. I quite agree – they and bara brith are firm favourites of mine.

This weekend, to mark and celebrate St David’s Day, we’re running an offer – 15% off our Red collection, after the dragon on the flag of the land of my childhood and my father. But I thought I’d share a few stories about Wales with you, for fun.

St David was a man who stood on the ground in Llandewi Brefi (yes it is a real place) and it rose under him as he preached. St David’s, the city named for him, is the smallest city in the UK – it is TEENY, with a population of under 2000 people.

On St David’s Day, children are dressed in what is thought of as Welsh traditional dress. Little girls wear a plaid skirt and an apron edged in lace, a white shirt and a shawl, and a black hat or bonnet with white lace around the inside. Boys wear trousers, a shirt and waistcoat, and a flat cap. Both – and adults too – may pin a daffodil to their lapel. When I was in infant school, we would sometime wear leeks. There was usually at least one small boy every year sick from eating the leek on his jersey, raw. Oftentimes, those leeks were almost the size of the small boy – this was before they had invented fabric leek badges. I think. Oh, happy days…

There are events celebrating St David’s Day thorough Wales of course but also as far as as Los Angeles and in, um, Disneyland Paris….

We Welsh are famous for our singing. You may well have heard of the Manic Street Preachers,  Catherine Jenkins, Tom Jones and Shirley Bassey – but have you heard of Max Boyce? I would urge you to listen to his ballad of Morgan the Moon about the first man to land on the moon – Welsh man no less. And that is a True Fact *coff coff*

For more things Welsh, I’ve added some lovely pictures of all things Welsh to our Homelands board on Pinterest. I hope you enjoy them.

Whatever you do this St David’s Day I hope you have a Dydd Gwyl Dewi Sant Hapus!

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WOW! It’s almost time for the WOW festival (and you could get some free pants)

The WOW – Women of the World – Festival at the Southbank Centre has been a firm fixture in our calendar for a few years now. It’s a great weekend event of talks, debates, liveliness and exploration covering everything from politics, science and sex to fashion, war and power – even vajazzling - and we just love it. It’s not uncommon to see fabulous women like Sue Perkins. Jenni Eclair Bidisha Shami Chakrabati and the Vagenda team around the place and it just feels brilliant, positive and fun.

I genuinely love going and feel proud that we get asked back every year. It’s a fabulous place to meet women who are trying to make positive changes and opportunities, and to learn about new things that are going on.

This year we will be taking our massive blue suitcase of travelling pants back to the marketplace there – and we’d love it if you came and said hello.

And here’s where the free pants come in!

If you buy one of our lovely lovely logo T shirts from us on the 24th, 25th or 26th of February, and wear it to meet us at the WOW Festival, we will bring you some free pants!

All you have to do is write FREE PANTS and your pants size/style/colour in the text box that asks for a gift card message/alternate address as you checkout with your T shirt – we will bring those pants in your size to the WOW festival, and when you turn up in your T shirt, we will hand them over!

Here’s hoping to see you there!

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Man pants.. the never ending sto-rreeeeeee

Man pants eh..

They’ve been on our to do list for a long while. Lots of people have asked us about them. We sourced the machine – yay! – we sourced the components for our first short run – yay – we did initial training – yay! And we made and sold (out of) our first run. Woo and very yay!

And then we hit a few walls. 

The main problem is that the elastic we need for the waistband is not with us.  It’s pretty critical.

We ordered the elastic in autumn 2013 and there seem to have been numerous glitches in getting it to us including us receiving entirely the wrong thing – our supplier ‘thought it might tide us over’ which is a very thoughtful gesture but sadly a completely unhelpful one as it doesn’t match our patterns or stretch as much as the original elastic did, meaning the fit would be entirely different. We are being told daily that the new elastic is being made and is in progress and we can only hope it is and that it is with us very soon.

As soon as we receive it we will start shouting from the rooftops about it and we will be making more man pants. 

I’m genuinely sorry about this delay – thanks all of you who are still asking and who want to know when they’ll be back. We’ve had some great feedback on the pairs that are out there already – thank you. We’re looking forward to sharing the pants love with more of you menfolks ASAP.






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Who do you love? (And would they like a present?)

Who loves ya baby?

And who do you love?

One of the things we love about you, our fabulous supporters, is how much you seem to love us. When we get hand written letters of thanks from all the way down under in Australia, and photos of people in their wedding dresses after we’ve sent them their wedding pants, and hand decorated baubles with red lacy pants painted onto them - well, we feel very close to you and WE LOVE IT. Our team genuinely love hearing your friendly emails and we think that the real sisterhood we share between us is a wonderful, powerful thing.

This Valentines day we want to be your Valentine! We want to share that love with you – and your friends. We want to know who YOU love so that we can give them, and you, a little something.

We’ll give every single one of your friends £10 off their first order with us, as long as it’s placed before 23.59 on the 14th February – this is a Valentines thing after all. And we’ll give you £5 for every friend who buys, and that money will be pinged to you as an evoucher by the 21st Feb. No maximum number of £5 either – if ten of your friends buy, you’ll get £50. If 100 do – well, that’s a whole lot of pants!

Share the pants love with any of your friends that you think would like some money off our fabulous, super powered, job creating pants. Tell your friends to email us hello@whomadeyourpants.co.uk for their £10 code and to tell us who sent them. And we’ll do the rest.

Whatever you do this Valentines Day, we hope you have a lovely time with lots of whoever and whatever you like best.

With love

Becky, Batol, Catherine, Gill, Sacdiya, Samia, Selina, Yasmein and Zuhra


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Vouchers. Oh, vouchers…

We sell gift vouchers. You lovely people quite often buy gift vouchers.

Our shop however, has a tiny hiccup whenever a gift voucher is used.

Our payments are all run via paypal, which is itself built into the shop structure that we use – this means that we currently have no choice about which payment handler we use. The way paypal handles voucher codes in our site is therefore not something we can change – booo!

To redeem a voucher, you have to go into paypal first, you have to enter a load of info, and then and only then do you get to a place to enter the voucher info later – much , much later than feels comfortable.

We’re working on getting a message to pop up when using vouchers codes to flag that this will happen. It’s a real pain and we don’t like it – we know it’s confusing and not fun to use and that you don’t like it. So we’re sorry – here’s hoping that this helps until we can get something more helpful in place.

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January 2014 Seconds Sale – starts 1pm Friday 17th January

Folks, it’s that time again – seconds sale to clear space for new things!

If you are on our mailing list you have an email about the stock – please check the list, tell us what you want, wait for confirmation that we have it and ONLY THEN make your payment

here http://www.whomadeyourpants.co.uk/products/seconds

Key things to know – please read!

Seconds are available in batches of four pairs, for £24, plus £4.50 P&P (UK rates)

We ship globally

You can buy as many batches as you like

You can mix colours and sizes within batches

We will start shipping on TUESDAY to give everyone a chance to get their orders in and us time to make sure we have everything



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