Who Made Your Pants?

Gorgeous Pants. By women, for women.

It’s always darkest before the dawn

This phrase has cropped up so many times this week, and it’s been pretty damn dark. But I hope there are signs of the dawn approaching.

Yesterday, I got news from Co-operatives UK that whomadeyour…? trading as whomadeyourpants? is an incorporated body. It legally exists, it can receive and disburse funds, own property, register to be an employer.

It’s been a long wait. The paperwork I wrote about in the last post got held up somewhere, and was only received by the people who had to do things with it on about the 8th December. I had a massive panic, and they were kind enough to rush it through, but Royal Mail didn’t help, delivering it to the wrong address (it had to go to two places to be authorised) but it is done, finally.

The delays have caused me massive problems and I am really hoping that they don’t stop me having a proper break over Christmas. I need a long rest. I’d hoped all this stuff would be sorted well in advance of now – Sunday and Monday mark the 17th anniversary of the reason I went to see Rape Crisis, and this time of year throws my head into all kinds of mess. Concentration is not easy, and to having to deal with this (and the resultant financial issues from not getting paid – like not being able to pay the mortgage – a broken heating system that I can’t afford to fix, and, it seems, a million other things which have contributed to a month long headache) has been very very trying. My friend has said this will be a great chapter in he autobiography of pants and I will look back and laugh.. maybe, but it will have to be from a very long distance!

The very last thing I need to do is get one bank account number and one signature from one founder member for the bank account application, and then post the application off tomorrow. If I get this posted tomorrow, it may (unlikely but may) mean I can get paid for the beginning of January. I’m really worried I won’t get this done but I am determined not to spend the Christmas break working. The new year holds a great deal of excitement – premises to find, designs to look at, training to begin. I can’t wait. But first I need a very very long sleep, a truck load of chocolate and Ealing comedies, and a large drink.

So cheers all, thanks a million for all your support this year. Have a fantastic festive season, whatever you celebrate, and here’s to pants and all who wear them. Hooray!


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