Who Made Your Pants?

Gorgeous Pants. By women, for women.

An anniversary

This time last year, I was half way through my notice period at my last job, counting down the days til I could leave, and get on with whomadeyourpants?

The 21st May was also the day I had my very last session with the fabulous Rape Crisis in Southampton. I’d thought ‘d never want to leave, and on a number of occasions, had suggested I move in there, as it was the only place I felt properly safe for a long time. But when it came to it, I was so excited to know I didn’t need to go any more. I’ll never, ever forget them though.

So today, I am thankful. For them, for their help, and for their support in helping me be who I am today.

In the world of pants, the English training is underway, we’ve booked a visit to a supplier next week, premises are looking like they are going to be on schedule…aside from the ongoing no salary issue, all is well. And this weekend there is the gig in Putney (which even got into the Wimbledon Guardianhttp://www.wimbledonguardian.co.uk/leisure/4382461.Indy_Award_winners_at_The_Halfmoon/) , four bands all playing to support whomadeyourpants?, the mad idea that fell out of my head and is now a reality.  We’re even got ethical T shirts to sell with the pants logo on.

As well as being thankful, today is a day for me personally to look back at everything I’ve done and, for once, feel proud. I’m not always very good at saying I’ve done well, but I think today is a day I can. Thank you Rape Crisis, and a huge thank you to my friends, my family (my amazing brother especially),  all of whom have been supportive, helpful, generous and kind. For all the practical help, advice, suggestions, donations, the beers and dinners when I’m skint, the festival tickets, the love and the accommodation when I need a place to sleep when I’m away… thank you.

So, to celebrate, I’m getting new hole in my ear, and sorting otu some stuff for the gig on Saturday. And eating a whole lot of chocolate 🙂


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One Response

  1. Hamperlady says:

    So wish I could be at the gig. Good luck and well done!

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