Who Made Your Pants?

Gorgeous Pants. By women, for women.

I’ve become a futures trader

The most I ever knew about futures trading was from Terry Pratchett books, where he wrote about how people got rich trading things that didn’t exist yet, and that special warehouses had to be built to house these non existent future products. I have to admit my mind boggled by that, but here I am now, a trainee futures trader.

The futures I’m trading are far, far more exciting though. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I’m trading pants futures. And if you join in, by buying some, you’ll be helping secure our first few months of trading.

A post or two back I mentioned that we were looking for revenue funding and that this is a bit hard to come by without an order book. It occurred to me that we could create an order book by asking people, individuals, not the companies that we hope to work with later on, to place orders, pay now, and then have delivery when the pants are, so to speak, hot off the press in December. It might even be sooner because the women are learning so fast. This way, we have a double whammy of happy joy – we get both orders to prove to potential investors that people will buy our stuff, and actual income with which we can pay the women’s wages to make the pants in the first month or two (if we sell enough futures!)

I tweeted this and put it on facebook and our mailing list too and immediately received some orders, which was great. It was also suggested by a chap I know that blokes might want to buy their beloved one some pants, but might be unsure of the size – and not want to ask – so the idea of gift vouchers was born too. And we’ve taken orders for both.

We’re still building the secure shop on the website, so we are invoicing for payment at the moment, but if you’d like to help out and buy some pants futures, it’s dead easy. Email me via hello@whomadeyourpants.co.uk with the word ‘order’ in the subject line, tell me what you want, provide an address for invoicing (this can be sent by email but we need a billing address) and delivery if different. We’re offering briefs, shorts and thongs in sizes 6 – 20, black, white and pink. They are all made in traditional lingerie fabrics, lovely soft, tactile things. They have a solid panel over the middle, front and back, and a sheer/detailed panel over the hips. £10 a pair, £2.50 delivery/p and p. Gift vouchers available too, £10 each, and to make it easy for the gift recipient, you can pay the postage up front, save them getting a £10 voucher and then having to to pit up to get their lovely pants delivered.

I’ll then send you an invoice and, as they say, Bob is your favourite parents sibling.

All goods will be dispatched in December or before, as soon as they are made up, and gift vouchers will be sent electronically unless otherwise requested. The pants will come in mailing boxes, lined with tissue paper.

How does that sound then? Join me in the most ethically sound futures trading ever to exist!


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