Who Made Your Pants?

Gorgeous Pants. By women, for women.

Pants are the future – especially if you help us sell some

An unusual message this time round pants fans – I’m wondering if I can enlist some help in spreading the pants gospel.

We’re trying to raise much needed funds by selling ‘pants futures’ – people pay now, we dispatch when they are made in December. We’re also selling gift vouchers for those who might not want to admit they don’t know their beloveds size…

We’re doing this not just to raise immediate cash but to show investors that people will buy from us – they are uneasy about investing/loaning to start ups with no trade history. The more interest we can show, the better. And this is where you come in.

It would be absolutely brilliant if you could forward to message below onto any individuals or groups that you think are interested in ethical trade and great underwear. A (kindly donated) PR campaign is being prepared too, but that’s going to take a wee while and we need to get the word out soon. We’ve taken orders for 35 pairs – our December sales target is 210. If we can hit that before December, we will look much stronger for investors.

If you can help, I’d be massively grateful. The message for forwarding is below.


Do you love good underwear, or know someone who does?
Do you want to know where your clothes come from and do something
positive with every pound you spend ? I
If so, have we got an offer for you – new pants for you, or the special someone in your life, and we’ll throw in a warm, fuzzy feeling inside, for free.

whomadeyourpants? pants are like no other. They’re gorgeous, they fit well, they feel good, and every pair sold helps the women who make them, women right here in the UK. We’ll tell you exactly who made them, and when, and even show you photos of where. Based in Southampton, we’re owned by our workers (No fat cats. No sirree) and provide training and jobs to women who want to work but have struggled to find jobs. Every penny profit we make will go back into providing them and more women like them with more training, more support and more advice. We’re aiming to show that ethical can be beautiful (think pink lace rather than beige hemp and you’re getting the idea), and affordable too. All through pants.

We’re launching our first collection, ‘Jasmine’, on the 1st December and are taking orders now for guaranteed December delivery, and for gift vouchers for Christmas presents too. These pants will be hot off the presses, the first ones of our first collection. By buying them you’ll be ensuring that we can keep supporting women, and that we can bring you collection after collection of gorgeous, ethical pants.

To find out more and to order now please check out


For more information on whomadeyourpants? please check


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