Who Made Your Pants?

Gorgeous Pants. By women, for women.


Having had my moments of overwork and burn out in the past, I always said I’d never let pants take over my life (what a thought) but today I have put in a (thankfully rare) thirteen hour day – and I have loved every minute. Here’s what’s happened…

I came in at 8.15 and was joined by my operations director Della (hell yes) and and my PA Aimee (oh my, yes) at around 9.15. The women started arriving for their lesson at the same time and June and Ria of http://www.recycle andsew.com, came in too so we had a full house.

In this, the sixth sewing lesson, June and Ria took the women through making shorts, and did more work on the basics of how a production line works. The women are all so keen to use the machines that they don’t want to leave them at the end of their time, which can lead to a few interesting moments, but it means they are keen.

As well as doing this, June and Ria stayed for ages and made up our samples – they’d said they’d do this as their voluntary part of the project which is just stunning. So yes, we have samples and they are beautiful. I was nearly in tears when I held the pink shorts, as that was exactly what I had in mind three and a half years ago when I first had this mad idea -and there they were, in my hands, beautiful. Ethical. Gorgeous. I can now start sales work, which I have been desperate to do for ages. They were, being perfectionists, pointing out that we really need to press them so they sit perfectly, and they are still wanting to tweak the pattern so things lie better, and ‘cup the bum’ but the samples are gorgeous and there are photos up on twitter and they will be on the website tomorrow.

While all this was going on, policies were being written by Aimee and Della and this evening, after rushing home to let the cats in, I came back in with three hugely generous friends who are building usable computers out of various donated bits and pieces. We have very nearly got a server and machines ready for the women to use email and internet on, which is going to be brilliant – a few of the women saw the machines here today and got all excited, but they weren’t ready so they will be dead chuffed when they are in next.

I can’t quite get my head around how fast things are growing. I’ve never had a PA! Fortunately Aimee has been one so can tell me what she can do for me and Della is being utterly brilliant in sharing her experience and helping me learn. And doing amazingly helpful things too, like getting policies written.

And now my brain has gone into a go slow. It’s been a long day. The IT A team are packing up and we are aiming to be out of here by 9.30 pm.

It won’t be long, I think, before pants is set up and my job is no longer ‘setting up this great social project’ but ‘working for this great social project’. I can’t wait.

Night all!


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