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Pants closed Thursday 8th and Friday 9th April

Hi everyone,

In haste, a very quick note to explain why we are unexpectedly closed for a few days. The short story is I have to take some time out else I’ll burst, and Della, the other keyholder, has been evacuated from her flat due to fire and kind of has other issues on her mind right now. Long story below.

I have worked myself silly over the last few months, and so an old friend, the lovely itchy delight eczema, came back to see me. A lot. To the extent that a week ago I couldn’t open my eye. Ew! After paying almost £60 for prescriptions of pills, potions and creams, I reluctantly admitted defeat and took some leave. I was due to come back in tomorrow. Yesterday, blissfully, I started to relax and remembered what it was to feel enthused and energetic. I like it.

Then, at half eleven last night, I got a text from Della. If you live in Southampton or even Hampshire you may well have heard about this fire http://www.dailyecho.co.uk/news/7987499.Two_firefighters_die_tackling_blaze/ Della lives in that block. She and her partner had been evacuated, and are thankfully safe, but that meant that I had to come in today to open up for the sewing session. Losing my last day of leave.

Now I have to say, I feel a bit greedy and indulgent for taking any leave at all, particularly when we’re talking about raging infernos, evacuations and firefighters losing their lives. But I know I need to rest and I know I’m not very good at relaxing, so I’m going to have to explain myself to salve my own conscience. I did had a fairly spectacular breakdown a few years back, due to working myself silly to forget about my past. It’s not wise kids. And I didn’t spot the signs but I was doing the same thing again. My Committee pointed out to me that a significant risk to the business was me going off sick for a month with stress, so I think that, all in all, it’s wisest if I consolidate the leave I have had with two more days now, than risk going doolally again.

This means that we are going to be closed from about 4 today until 9am Monday, and I’m sure that you, lovely people that you are, will understand.

In brief other news, the women who are in today had a great day and we had a fab and interesting conversation about the election. They are really interested in it, so we’re goign to have an info session on it. Anyone got any suggestions for where I can get info on the main parties?

Thanks everyone



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11 Responses

  1. mauvedeity says:

    I fainted once after trying to do too much for too long. The person who helped me pointed out that there’s a limit to what you can do, and you won’t be there to help if you do too much.

    So take some time so that you can carry on doing what you do.

    (Oh, and yaay, you!)

  2. Sass says:

    Hi Becky, the Beeb’s website is good:


    for starters, and there are some good Twitter lists about – I’ll link to some later on today so you can follow it.

    Sorry to hear you’re tired, enjoy your rest and look forward to your upcoming appearance in our Source magazine!


    Sarah, WRC

  3. Noel says:

    Hope you feel better, chuck! I quite like the sentiment behind this site:


  4. angela says:

    Lovely post as ever. People are the most important thing. Take care of yourselves and you will keep going for longer. All human beings will understand that. Well done once again for being upfront about being human. All the best. Angela

  5. sarahsfleeces says:

    Hi Becky,

    I’ve heard people refer to running businesses as being like bringing up children. The parallel I can see here is that as when my twins were tiny babs I was regularly told to look after myself first. Now obviously new borns need tonnes of immediate attention and are enormously important but equally if I hadn’t thought about myself I wouldn’t have been able to cope with looking after myself. As it was as soon as they were settled in the evening about 8pm ish I went straight to sleep knowing that they may only sleep for a couple of hours so if I didn’t sleep then I may regret it. I couldn’t do that during the day as I needed my 8 lots of 20 spare mins to leg it to the loo, make tonnes of toast, fill up my several pints jug full of squash (I was breast feeding them both and you need loads of liquid all the time) put a load of washing on and get back to them for the next feed – and that was with feeding them in tandem for all 9 daily feeds! This lastest for 3 months solid! In that time hubby did all the housework in the evenings after he’d done a full day at work! We couldn’t have done this for much longer but by 6 months old I got my first lot of 4 hours continuous sleep – it was a God send! By 9 months old they were both sleeping a full 8 hours and within a month or so I felt vaguely human again. 7 years on and that time seems like another life time and I think because of that experience we’re both very hot on getting a good home/life/spouse/parent type of balance. But the same rule applies, to be a good ‘whatever’ you’ve got to look after yourself first 🙂 I hope you’re not reading this until you’ve had a good rest – to keep that new ‘zing’ I’d suggest taking regular time out and doing something completely absorbing that’s not pants related.

    Ooh and Clare Evans blog on Time Management is a huge help 🙂 http://www.clareevans.co.uk/TimeManagementAudit.htm

    Take care Sarah

  6. Dear Becky
    Look after yourself.
    Co-operative values include self help and self responsibility……so if you need time off take it!

  7. Hi Becky, I hope you had a relaxing break over the weekend. Is your website project up and running yet. When you have time it would be great to hear from you.

  8. Donna says:

    Beckypants, the reason why I like your site is that you produce goods without treating people like pieces of meat or no more than machines. Or so I thought, until I read that you are working yourself to burnout 😦 Give yourself a break, stop treating yourself like a sweatshop slave! 🙂

    • beckypants says:

      *shames* I had never looked at it that way… the phrase sweatshop slave really made me stop and think!

      I consider myself well and truly told! I have had a good break and am back and cheery – thank you so much for the concern 🙂


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