Who Made Your Pants?

Gorgeous Pants. By women, for women.

You wanna be in our gang?

Morning all, just a very quick note from me today. More proper blogging tomorrow.

Do you love us and our pants?
Do you want to be part of it?

We have an opportunity or three going and they’re yours for the taking! As none of us yet get paid, they are voluntary roles, but will look great on a CV and we have a tea break with biscuits EVERY DAY. And we sot outside in the sun at lunchtime.

All posts are SUMMER INTERNSHIPS and run from now until September (so are ideal for students looking for CV filling activity) and for all, induction, training, support and biscuits are provided.

1. Now to September- Office manager. Ideal core hours 10am – 4.30 pm, Mon – Fri, but could be negotiated The key thing is everydayness. To include embedding daily routines and regular tasks, some volunteer management and delegation of tasks. We really need some consistent support from someone every day for just a few months while we bed in our processes and procedures.

This post could be open to job share as long as both parties were open to a handover session each week.

2. Anytime between now to September – Design/pattern cutting/grading. Creation of new design and working up pattern blocks.

3. Less an internship and more a volunteer role, PA to Managing Director (that’s me!) I really really need someone who is as brilliant as my current PA, who is amazing and organised and is therefore likely to go and get herself a fab and amazing job soon and leave me all aloooonneeee…. Ideally at least three half days a week. To handle my correspondence, manage my diary, and stop me going insane with the speed of things here. Self starter preferred as I’m busy, busy, bee busy. Handover with current PA and induction included free and gratis.

So.. anyone?



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