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Who wants some NEW PANTS?!

Hello everybody!

Just a very quick note to say we are in the middle of a huge pile of fabric and thread as we are excitingly in the middle of making up our NEW COLLECTION! We’ve not got a name for it yet, we’re taking suggestions from everyone here and going to have a vote, like a good co-op. But it’s GORGEOUS. We’re making fab fab fab stretch lace shorts, like the ones sold in most of the shops on the high street. They are comfortable, they wash and wash and wash, and the are altogether brilliant.

Have a look at some very bad photos – I’m an enthusiast for pants but no photographer!

The very first mock up (ie, the first rough pattern pieces cut, before any fitting or tweaking had been done http://twitgoo.com/1790z9 – isn’t it lovely? We’ll be doing this in black and purple too.

Purple bows for black pants, red for red, pink bows for purple pants http://twitgoo.com/19xoqp
Our first black lace – not many leftovers from trade as black sells so we’ll be getting different designs http://twitgoo.com/19xopz
A close up of the black stuff http://twitgoo.com/19xoqb
900m of this pretty floral purple http://twitgoo.com/19xop5
We’re getting 600m of this gorgeous two tone purple http://twitgoo.com/19xoo9

More soon but I just had to share!


(and if anyone can tell me how to make links clickable in wordpress, please do!)


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  1. Clair says:

    Looking gorgeous!

    To make links clickable, type in the link (or text that you want to make a link), highlight it, then press the link button above the post window, then type in the link again in the box that pops up.

    Alternatively you can do it yourself (see here:http://www.htmlgoodies.com/primers/html/article.php/3478171/HTML-Class-Creating-Links-to-Other-Pages.htm)

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