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Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue..

Hello everyone

Just a quickie from me today – I will wrote more soon about all the events we’ve done thing month but today I just want to tell you about our new pants of the month.

Ok. So on the 1st of every month we‘re going to be launching our ‘Pants Of The Month’ – you know we buy our fabric from industry leftovers? Well, as there’s only a limited supply, we’ll do a new colour every month and if you want them, you need to get them in that month only. We’ll add any left over ones to gift sets but in general terms, March pants are available in March – and April in April, etc.

So, tomorrow, on the 1st April, we launch ‘Something Blue’ – you may have heard there’s a wedding coming up! They’re old, new and blue – old as upcycled fabric, new as new pants and very gorgeously blue! It’s been suggested to me that we can say they are borrowed too as, as Prof Brian Cox pointed out on Wonders of the Universe, we are all borrowed from star stuff and planet components and the atoms will ultimately return to the earth.

I shall be wearing my lovely April blue pants tomorrow – I personally guarantee that they are gorgeously comfortable and fit like a dream. Hope you love them too!


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