Who Made Your Pants?

Gorgeous Pants. By women, for women.

Happy Wednesday!

Howdy pants pickers!

How are you all getting on? We’re back in 2012 with bump now, business as usual. We’re ringing in the new Year with some changes – coming soon – so do watch this space.

You may know that our webshop has been down. Gremlins got it and did I’ve no idea what to it but our smashing webgod has been kind and we’re hoping it will all be up and running very soon. He’s an uber cautious chap (which is good for this kind of thing) so we’re doing testing before we release it into the wild. There may be opportunities for you to help iin a few days and there may be a 25% off code if you do – so just keep an eye on our twitter or facebook or homepage (where the tweitter feed gets displayed)



In happy news, one of our workers, the LOVELY Batol (she of the twin daughters who I jump in fountains with in the summer) passed her driving test! How brilliant! And she brought some ridiculously good little pastries from the Sudan for me. TOO good, and too bite sized.. yum.

More soon folks




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