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Our shop needs your help one more time…

Once again we’re asking for people to test our new and (hopefully) fixed shopping cart. We had a slew of emails last week, and they were extremely helpful – if you emailed in, thanks!

Same drill as last time. Goto our test site at http://test.whomadeyourpants.co.uk and try to buy some pants (don’t worry, you won’t be charged). Add pants, remove pants, add discount codes happyhelper or testingtilitbreaks or gift vouchers you may have, then remove them too. Login, logout, change your account details. In short, do as many different things as you can think of.

If at any point something doesn’t work, or goes wrong, or is confusing, please make a note of it and let us know.

Thanks again for your help you lovely people


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2 Responses

  1. Sue Krekorian says:

    Tested it but I didn’t manage to break it – I think! Sent a response through the link but in case it didn’t arrive I thought I’d mention it here, too. It’s looking great and I love the information therein.

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