Who Made Your Pants?

Gorgeous Pants. By women, for women.

We’re increasing our prices. Here’s why.

Hello lovely people

Today we’ve made some changes that have been a long time coming. We want to tell you about them.

Very simply, we are putting our prices up.

It costs us more to make our pants that we anticipated. We’ve been doing what we do for three years now, we’ve spent a long time training women (some from a standing start) in how to have a job, and then how to sew, and how to work as a team. We’ve done enough to work out what everything *actually* costs, not just what we thought it would. And at our board meeting the other day, we agreed, formally, that we just can’t make our products, and generate enough profit to keep going, at the prices we’ve been charging.*

Personally, I found this hard – I wanted, very much, to bring ethical fashion to a broad audience, and to me that meant, first of all, a low price. I’ve learned that, first of all, it has to be a fair price. It’s a different thing. And when I saw some designer knickers in a well known high street department store, made of poor quality, scratchy lace, finished badly, with loose threads and seams that I just knew would hurt, for £25, I realised that, actually, we make a good product. A really good product. A ‘better than a lot of designers’ product. A lot of work goes into it – especially the most delicate laces, like our delicate, light as a cloud, Pirate Pink. A lot of time, and love, and care and pride goes into each pair of pants we make. We are proud of them, proud of the women that make them, and we – I – haven’t allowed that to be valued enough.

We deserve to be proud. We want to grow.

We love what we do. We love the team of women we support and work with. We love their kids and their families and their humour and their resilience. We love that you love us. We want to keep doing this, but if we can’t keep ourselves going, they’ll have no jobs. So we’re putting our prices up, so we can keep going, so they can keep working.

As of today, the 1st February, our prices will be as follows

£12.50 Black
£18.00 Something Blue, Bonfire, Ivory, Green Goddess, Deep Purple, Strawberry,
£22.00 Red, Mint, Heather, Welsh Green
£25.00 The 80s, Sweet Like Chocolate Limes,
£28.00 Pirate Pink

There’s more info on why the prices are in bands on our website


We’re grateful for every penny you have spent with us – every penny we earn is a validation of the skills we’re teaching, the changes we’re making. We hope you understand what we’re doing, and why – and that we see you again.

Sincerely – thank you. You let us do what we do.


* I want to be clear that profit is not a bad thing. Some people bash it but if we just cover our costs – break even – we cannot grow. We cannot recruit any new staff, train anyone, expand our lessons, give our company picnic. Profit is essential to growth. I’d also like to be clear that we are not yet making profit – we are funded by grants for the teaching work we do. We absolutely aim to be sustainable through trade but are not there yet.


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8 Responses

  1. Good for you! Your pants are quality, comfortable and sexy with added feel good factor you can’t get on the high street! I look forward to buying my next pair!

  2. Your careful & thoughtful explanation is commendable. Only time will tell how customers respond. And i am rather envious of having a board to make these collective decisions. Maybe i should get me one of those….. x

    • beckypants says:

      Thank you – that’s a lovely compliment. Cannot recommend a Board (or in Co-op speak, a Committee), highly enough. One person can never know it all – it really helps to pool wisdom and ideas. Thanks mama H x

  3. Alison Grant says:

    Good for you. Wholeheartedly endorse what you do. Go for it!! Wishing you every continued success and all the growth that you hope for as an organisation and for your team.

  4. Erica says:

    Profit is ONLY a dirty word if it is paid out to anonymous investors/ shareholders whose ONLY concern is what they make from your labour and skills. Company picnics, staff training, expansion etc is all part of reasonable running costs, not profit. Quite apart from the importance of you earning enough to do what you want to do, it’s very useful for those of us all too used to cheap imports to appreciate the true cost of producing a decent product – which highlights how exploited people are in places like China.

    • beckypants says:

      Hi Erica

      That’s a really interesting and useful reply, thank you! I really appreciate you taking the time to say that. It’s got my brain ticking on how we can work that into our campaign messages….




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