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Who Made Your Pants? Catwalk debut!

Hellllooooo lovely pants fans! How are you all? We’re well and busy with some very exciting times!

We’re going to be…Drum roll… On a cat walk! This weekend, we are by excited to be making our runway debut at The Good Fashion Show, the biggest off schedule event during London Fashion Week. It’s being held in the stunning grounds of Goodenough College, Bloomsbury

I’m thinking of this as our commercial brand launch rather than a launch for particular products. We’ve had beautiful punchy new branding created for us by the wonderful folks at HarrimanSteel and we’re going to how that off with our core knickers – the brilliant, everyday black – and tell the fashion world we’re here.

In massively exciting news, we’ve been supported in this by The Good Fashion Show and the lovely, kind and funny Robin at Parkhouse Financial and (I almost can’t believe this) Dr Marten’s themselves. I’ve been wearing DMs for 20 years – i’m in my black 20 holes as I type – and I’m a bit starstruck to be working with them now. They’ve been really helpful – above and beyond really – and i’m taking it as a huge compliment that they’re happy to have their products as part of our launch. To me, DMs are a perfect match – our brand is all about strength, empowerment, independence, a little bit of attitude – everything that my DMs make me feel! Our models are going to look full on feisty and fabulous. Dr Marten’s! Our smashing pants! Our gorgeous new branding!

You *might* be able to tell that I’m really looking forward to seeing our fantastic, job creating brand up and out there, where it ought to be. If you’d like to come and see us, please do – it makes my day when I get to meet people who love our pants.

Full details here http://thegoodfashionshow.org/

Saturday 18 th February
Market And exhibitions 9 -7pm Day ticket £5
Transformations Runway 7pm ticket £30

If you come, please do say hi – I’ll be the bouncy person with a pile of pants!



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One Response

  1. Clare W says:

    Congrats my lovely – you surely deserve a stonkingly successful launch! xx

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