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FREE PANTS! (in exchange for writing a review)

Hello folks!

We’re giving away three pairs of pants today, one of each of our Christmas colours from 2011 – these three

Green Goddess http://www.whomadeyourpants.co.uk/shop/pants.php?colour=13010

Sweet Like Chocolate Limes http://www.whomadeyourpants.co.uk/shop/pants.php?colour=13009

The 80’s http://www.whomadeyourpants.co.uk/shop/pants.php?colour=13008


We’re doing this because while we KNOW that these are lovely to wear, we struggled to get the photography right and we think that people are a bit unsure about the fabrics. We’d like YOU to write an honest review for us to use to help people find out how lovely they are. The 80s and Sweet Like Chocolate Limes are the same type of lace, and honestly, they are lovely – lovely tends to be shiny/slippery as it’s high in lycra, which often makes photography hard work.

SO – if you’re prepared to write us a review and fancy some free pants, at 11.30 AM today – 6 minutes!  be on our facebook or twitter pages.




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