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Red, White and Blue

Hello everyone!

Well, the sun is shining and the bunting is coming out… there’s no denying the Jubilee is up on us. Next week, the Red Arrows will be doing a flypast over Southampton, and ever one to go and do a fun thing, I plan to go. And so while I’m, personally, no royalist, it’s given me cause to think about what we’ll be celebrating, and how.

It’s also got me thinking about one of our gift sets. Our ‘Red, White and Blue’ is clearly linked to the Union flag (even though there’s no Welsh in it..) but for us it’s not about blind patriotism. We’re a multinational, multi cultural team here, made up of people from Afghanistan, Somalia and the Sudan, and the English folks here have Polish and Italian heritage, and me, I’m Welsh, but count Austria and Ireland as the lands of my grandmothers.

Britain is, and, always has been, a massive, busy, fizzy melting pot. A creative place, constantly renewed and reinvented by the new settlers on our shores, and it is richer for it. People come here for all manner of reasons – some through simple choice, some to invade and leave us nice straight roads, others because they are seeking safety and believe that Britain can provide it. They come here, to our funny little island nation with it’s rolling hills, majestic mountains, romantic lakes, historic castles and world famous pubs, because they believe it will be a Good Place for them to be. And I think that is something to be very, very proud of.

Whatever and however you’re celebrating this Bank Holiday Weekend, I hope you can take a moment to be proud of being part of this polite, eccentric, generous, temperate and largely peaceful country that we live in. Be proud that people who have had it really tough see our (often!) grey skies as tiny price to pay for the calm safety that the UK provides. I’ll be raising a Pimms to that.

Wishing you all a very lovely long weekend


News in brief… our designer and product developer Emma is coming to visit us (watch this space), Della thinks she’s booked a holiday, Zuhra has almost finished her exams, Sacdiya, Batol and Yasmein have come out of the trim and cutting rooms and been training on sewing machines, and Hawa is looking forward to getting a brown and black kitten soon



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