Who Made Your Pants?

Gorgeous Pants. By women, for women.

Gentle and funn…

Gentle and funny Sacdiya is has a fantastic eye for detail and a lovely calm manner and so is in charge of all inspection and quality control here. We’re also training her in picking, packing and dispatching pants. Originally from Somalia, Sacdiya found her way here via Holland and brings in Dutch cheeses at lunch time. She is very keen to learn and we’ve an eye on here for a number of roles.

A Day in Your Life

Name: Sacdiya

Date: 7/06/12

Midnight – 6am
6-7am Woke up
7 – 8 AM Breakfast (cornflakes)
8-9 AM Cup of tea
9-10AM Children woke up and I make breakfast for them
10-11AM Children start revising
11-12AM Lunchtime
12-1PM Cleaning the house
1-2PM Cooking
2-3PM Gardening
3-4PM Dinner time
4-5PM Bringing children to the park
7 – 8 PM Children came back home and had bath
8-9 PM Brought children to bed
9-10PM Watching tv
11-12PM Bed

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