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It’s A Good Week and Refugee Week

Hello pants fans!

 It’s going to be a busy week for us here at Pants Central. The 18th to 24th June is both Refugee Week and A Good Week, two weeks we’re very proud to be involved in.

Refugee Week is a unique opportunity to discover and learn about what refugees bring to our country. There are events activities across the country. We’re proud here that when people look for safety they think of the UK – and we’re proud, very proud of our brave and resilient team who have made it here and tend towards always having a smile on their face.

Through the week we’ll be sharing ‘A Day in the Life’ of our team, and some recipes and photos, via our blog, facebook and twitter. We hope you love them.

A Good Week is in it’s second year and is a global celebration of all that’s Good. It’s easy to get dragged down by the news, the economy, the recession – but there is masses, and masses, of good happening and we’re delighted to be part of A Good Week. Again, we’ll be posting lots of stuff on the internet. There is a lot to be happy about, lots of Good happening. We just need to see it.

This combination of weeks has been a great impetus for us to write in more detail than our website can give about some of the nitty gritty of what we do. Through the week we’ll be explaining the stages of pants production, and explaining more about who does what. We’ll also be unveiling some gorgeous new photos, which we’re really proud of. We hope you do get a chance to look online – all content will be flagged through these channels

Right here at https://beckypants.wordpress.com



We really hope you like what you see. We’re keen to tell you about what we do and happy to answer questions. Let us know if you have any.

News in brief…

Becky is on leave this week, Della is getting ready to support England and Italy in the football, our lovely Amy K has got her degree results –  and hooray, she got a first.  Samia has had a lot of family visitors, Hawa has been asking questions about why English people drink so much, Sacdiya and  Batol are watching the football too and , Yasmein and Zuhra have been doing exams

Our open day is coming up! We’d love it if you could come



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