Who Made Your Pants?

Gorgeous Pants. By women, for women.

Batol is in the…

Batol is in the cutting team and we’re proud as punch of her for recently taking and passing her driving test. Batol makes delicious syrupy cakes and cardamom infused biscuits, and has gorgeous twin daughters.

A Day in Your Life

Name: Batol


Midnight – 6am I woke up at 6am, prayed and read the Quran
7 – 8 AM I prepared my children for school
8-9 AM I walked them to school and then walked back
9-10AM When I got home I cooked some food for my husband
10-11AM I went college and went to class.
12-1PM I prepared lunch for my family
1-2PM I called up my family in the Sudan
2-3PM I went to pick up my children from school
3-4PM I served lunch to my family and then took a rest!
4-5PM Then I watched some tv
6-7PM Helped my children with their homework
7 – 8 PM I read my children a story
8-9 PM I watched some more tv.

Their was a programme on about health.

9-10PM I prayed Asr
10-11PM Watched a film and then afterwards went to bed

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