Who Made Your Pants?

Gorgeous Pants. By women, for women.

Make The main …


The main seams on the pants are done by Zuhra and Hawa on machines called overlockers. Look inside your T shirts – see that edge where the zigzag stitching goes all the way up to the edge? That’s overlocking. The stitching, actually, doesn’t have to be done all the way to the edge of the fabric though – what happens in the machine is that a blade cuts to the edge of the stitching – wherever that happens to be –  so it’s very easy to accidentally turn a size 14 pair of pants into an 8  or rags!

When the seams are done, the pants go to Samia who attaches the cotton jersey gusset with a different sewing machine and then any one of the team will finish the seams neatly and sew on the ribbon bow on yet another machine.


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