Who Made Your Pants?

Gorgeous Pants. By women, for women.

  The languag…

The language of food

One of the the fundamental principles of Who Made Your Pants? is bringing people together, showing everyone that we’re all the same. We are women here first, not mothers or sisters or wives. And we aim to show everyone who comes though our doors that we’re more the same than we are different.

When we started, and every time we bring in new workers or volunteers, we have some barriers to break down. We have volunteers who, before working with us, had never met a refugee, never spoken to a woman in a headscarf. Some of our student volunteers live within a street or two of our workers, but the two groups never mix.

Lunchtime is when we all get together. We share each others food and we learn about each others customs. We learn new words, try new things, and sometime eat things we can’t name as we don’t have a translation. It’s never gone wrong yet. There’s a lot of cake, a lot of rice, a lot of salad, spicy relishes and hand broken bread.

Sharing food is, and always has been about more than filling our bellies. It’s about saying I like you, I trust you, you nourish me. Your food tastes good to me, you have made my day better. I like you. You like me. We are friends.

We’ll be sharing recipes this week. We’re having an open day on the 17th July, and lunch is included. Come, share food with us. We like you. You are our friend.



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