Who Made Your Pants?

Gorgeous Pants. By women, for women.

Della is our He…

Della is our Head of Operations. This means she makes everything flow inside the building. Nothing fazes her, and it’s almost like the more things are going on, the better she copes. Della manages all the workers, the volunteers, the stock, she makes sure everything is ready for us to go to events, and just generally is the oil in the machine of Who Made Your Pants? Della is a huge Chelsea Football fan, and, no cook, the first recipe she submitted for us was ‘walk to the vending machine, put money in, get chocolate out’

A Day in Your Life

Name: Della


Midnight – 6am Sleep
6-7am Sleep through cat trying to wake me up
7 – 8 AM Give up and feed cat, bath, dress
8-9 AM Cycle to work, open up office
9-10AM Answer emails, check orders, arrange volunteer work

Arrange workshop with designer

10-11AM Speak to designer, order material

Arrange new stockroom plan,

Arrange orders

11-12AM More discussion about materials,

phone suppliers re satin labels,

check training workshop

12-1PM Write session report,

redo stock list, update stock list on computer,

have some lunch

1-2PM Check in with volunteer,

gave out new tasks, check emails

2-3PM Check on workshop, discuss new pants,

check progress in stockroom

3-4PM Check emails, send invoices to customers,

update on system

4-5PM Deal with last minute order, order boxes,

last check on email

5-6PM Tidy, lock up office, cycle home.
6-7PM Meet friend for drinks in weatherspoons
7 – 8 PM Back home pizza for tea,

feed cats and wash up

8-9 PM List items on ebay, take photos, catch up on news
9-10PM Watch some tv, Alan Carr
11-12PM Fall asleep early

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