Who Made Your Pants?

Gorgeous Pants. By women, for women.

Happy Place, Ha…

Happy Place, Happy pants


For many of the women we work with, it’s important that this space is for women only. For their families, too, this is important. This might seem unusual to some of us who are used to working in standard mixed environments but it’s a fundamental requirement – some women might not be allowed to attend if that were the case.


We’re an empowerment project. Our aim is to support our team into knowing themselves, finding out what they like, what they want, and helping them believe they can achieve it. For that to be at all viable, they have to have a space in their lives where they can be just women. Not wife, not mother, sister, daughter or auntie, but women. So we do everything we can to create a warm, friendly, happy, fun environment for just that.


We know our team feel safe and happy here. They tell us so. One woman said,


‘First when I came here [to the UK] I was sad and I cried every day. Now I come here [to Who Made Your Pants?] I am happy. Another, Batol, said,


The first thing is, I made relationships with other friends. I feel very comfortable here, I feel relaxed, I like working here. And I feel better in the rest of my life because I work here. I have improved my English a little bit. Before I worked, all the time I feel sad, thinking, why have I not got a job?  My life has got better because I have some wages and I like to be busy, not just watch TV and do boring things. It’s ok to watch TV after being busy but not all the time.


We love those quotes.


There are, of course, times when we do need a chap onsite. If that’s while our team are here, we shut connecting doors and make sure our team know. And men are very very welcome at our upcoming open day. We’ve given our team lots of notice so they can tell their families and make sure they’re prepared too.


Knowing that we keep this space women only means that our team can trust us with that boundary and can get on with the far more important business of learning and working on a day to day and minute by minute basis. No-one learns well if they are uncomfortable or scared. No-one can get into that lovely deep flow space of being deeply focused and really enjoying what they are doing if they are looking over their shoulder.


And the outcome of all of this is that our pants are truly happy pants, from the bottom of our hearts to the heart of your bottom, so to speak. We think this quote from supporter Carol Christmas sums it up.


‘Congratulations to you and all of the team who not only produce fantastic pants but also live and work according to fantastic values. A real inspiration. I am sure it is this that make your pants so good to wear!’







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