Who Made Your Pants?

Gorgeous Pants. By women, for women.

Becky is our fo…

Becky is our founder and managing director and when asked why she doesn’t have children, jokes with the team that Who Made Your Pants is her baby – it keeps her up all night, takes all her time and money and she worries about it growing up. Becky is the outside face of the business – if you’ve seen us at an event you’ve probably met her. She talks at about a hundred miles an hour and is most often found in her office behind a door with a red traffic light on it.


A Day in Your Life


Name: Becky






Midnight – 6am



Get woken up by cat knocking phone on floor.

Walk downstairs to trick cats into thinking they will get fed.

Go back upstairs, shutting cats out of bedroom.

7 – 8 AM

7:47 alarm

8-9 AM

Get up feed cats, have breakfast


Check email and twitter and cycle to work along the river


Catch up with Della


Phone call with solicitors about accident.

 Announce May review competition prize draw winner.


12:30 Lunch




Write 3 drafts for funding applications

for £130k total to community learning fund





Cycle home via portswood to post pants and buy salad


Listen to the Now Show  6:30 Radio 4

7 – 8 PM

Cycle to friends house for dinner

and to work on funding applications

8-9 PM

Drink pink champagne, eat nuts, work on funding bid


Give up on funding, drink more wine, eat dinner


Drink more wine, east strawberries and soft cheese


Cycle home happy full and tired




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