Who Made Your Pants?

Gorgeous Pants. By women, for women.

Making somethin…

Making something out of nothing – our pants, our premises, our team


First there was Nothing, and then it exploded – so goes the story of the Universe.

Who Made Your Pants? has exploded too. We started with an idea, one woman and a whole lot of energy. We’ve added a few more people to that, a few tonnes of stuff that other people have thrown away – chairs, tables, desks, monitors, fabrics, but the most important ingredient in our mix is our team.


We’re talking here about making something out of nothing. Clearly, our team aren’t nothing but in some ways they are treated as though they are. As if they have nothing to offer, as if they are just a burden, a drain, a weight to be carried. So very often women are the most marginalised within even the most marginalised communities – the women we work with are classed as economically inactive, few are able to secure good work but they’re just like you and me. They don’t want to do nothing, they don’t want to be bored, they don’t want handouts. They want to work, to contribute. And they are massively underused resource.


The VSO said,


‘Women are the world’s greatest untapped resource for development. Healthy educated empowered women generate money for their communities and bring up children who survive and thrive, But discrimination holds back millions of women, preventing them from fulfilling their potential’


This untapped resource exists world over. Women are the key that can turn nothing into something, Microfinance for women has turned a few dollars into cows into milk businesses into school books.


Ban Ki Moon, Secretary General to the UN said,


‘Women are the key to eradicating poverty….wherever there is progress for women the whole world benefits’


We believe in our team. We believe in their power to change their own lives and those of their children. We believe in the good that work can do. We don’t think they’re nothing. How about you?



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