Who Made Your Pants?

Gorgeous Pants. By women, for women.

Crowdfunding, cupcakes and NEW PANTS!

Hello there pants fans!

We hope you’re well and enjoying what you can of this changeable weather. We had lollies at lunchtime for two days last week and enjoyed sitting near the river that runs past the back of our tiny factory.

It’s Ramadan now and that means that our team are off – we made a joint decision that fasting + hot weather + machines with knives, blades and needles probably = A Bad Idea. The factory is not silent though. Our brilliant designer Emma and our superviser Nisha have been sewing away, perfecting the design and method for our very next style – we’re launching it THIS WEEK so depending on when you get this it might already be on sale on the wesbite. It’s a really comfortable jersey short, edged with staggeringly good English lace, all stuff that would have been wasted had we not swooped. There is more precision involved in the making of this than our current shorts – it takes around 3 times as long to make – and we’re using it to teach attention to detail, focus and concentration.

We’re also excited to be launching a crowdfunding project this week and if you like the way we empower women through work, we’d love your support, if you can help us.

We’re raising money to buy a new sewing machine and training materials – we are way away from making profit, have less than zero spare cash, and it’s the only way we can move ahead. We develop skills by developing new products, and we need a new machine to teach a new skill. Fundamentally though what we are teaching is versatility, precision and attention to detail – core employability skills. We’re just doing it, as we do with everything, through the power of pants.

We need to raise just £6000 and we know that this can be done by just 105 people.

The campaign is live here http://buzzbnk.org/wmyp Pledges start from £0 to be a cheerleader to £15 for which the kind person gets a thank you card and discount code with various intermediate levels all the way up to £300 for which the kind person gets hand delivery of pants to London, tea at the Royal Society for the Arts, a limited edition shirt, new pants, current pants, a thank you card…

I’m dreadful at asking for money but that’s basically what I’m doing and I hope you don’t mind. We love what we do, hope you do too, and hope you’ll forgive us the ask.

Hope you’ve managed to see some sunshine and that you love your new pants!

Becky and the Who Made Your Pants? Team

News in brief…
Becky had a great time at our stall at Winchester Science Festival and was entertained by how many people bought pants, and then came and showed her them, Della has bought a ukelele and got very excited about the Tiger Feet dance in the Olympic Opening Ceremony, Amy has landed herself a part time job with our bookkeeper so we’re learning how to share her, Nisha won a competition to to name a cupcake and won 48 mini ones, and Jackie has been swimming in the sea and sunning herself at Lee on Solent


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