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So – that’s …

So – that’s it, it’s over. The Olympics has dominated the TV, Radio, and internet for the last few weeks but it’s gone and now we’re wondering what legacy it will leave – and also having a little smile every time we hear the word legacy, as we think anyone who watched the brilliant Twenty Twelve will. How was it for you – loved it, hated it, passed it by? Like any organisation, we had lots of different views on it here but we agreed on two things. One, the Opening Ceremony was amazing, a real joy to behold and we loved the way so many people worked together to produce something spectacular. And two, it was utterly brilliant to see, finally, all counties represented by women. It’s critical for girls to see women doing all kinds of things for them to know they can do them – it’s hard to be first, and to break that barrier, but easier to follow. Let’s hope that many, many do. We’re going to be keeping our eyes out for the Paralymic Games next – even more astonishing in some ways.


It’s been waaarrm in in our offices by the river, where we’ve been sorting, launching, planning and discussing. Our team take Ramadan as a break and we get the chance to step back and look at where we want to go next. It’s good to have that space to think, sometimes, but we do miss them!


Our Rosalind pants and Year of Pants are proving to be popular. The Year of Pants came about after people told us they ‘wanted them all’ and Becky remembered a friend getting a tasting selection of chocolates every month. Two lucky people have been bought it for birthdays. We love the idea of a birthday present being twelve surprises spread throughout a year.


We ran a sample sale last week – it was supposed to last all of August but it was so popular we’ve none left!

We also released for sale a limited number of our fab logo printed T shirts – we love the idea of people reading our name and looking puzzled and then asking themselves the question.


Our crowdfunding initiative is going well, we are now at 41% of our target – if you’ve not heard about it, we’re aiming to raise £6000 in pledges by mid September to fund a new machine (which can be used to make man pants as well as woman pants!) It’s live online here http://buzzbnk.org/wmyp Pledges go from £0 to £300 and every single one helps us grow.


That’s it for this week. Thanks so much for supporting us – every sale we make helps us do what we do. You’re part of the Who Made Your Pants family, if you want to be 🙂


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