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Vogue and Versatility

Hi there pants fans!

Well, that time of year has rolled around again – children back at school, curtains getting drawn earlier and the C word (Christmas) is starting to be whispered. Unlike a lot of companies, we haven’t been planning our Christmas activities for 12 months as we’re just too small but we do have some lovely plans – we’ll share them (much!) nearer the time.

It’s an exciting week for us here. Not only are the majority of our team back (not Hawa, she is still overseas with family) we are off to be part of an event associated with Vogue, Fashions Night out, this Thursday. We’ll be with House of Tammam at their Bloomsbury Atelier, along with gorgeous stylist REWardrobe, and there will be a shuttle facility onto the main events provided by Green Tomato Cars. I was tickled pink when I was in one of their cars in London to find it being driven by our Sacdiyo’s brother – he taught me to count to five in Somali, so I could surprise his sister. If you’re in London, do pop along and see us.

This week will also see a Board meeting here – we meet once a month to discuss what’s happening and plan what to do next. This moth we have three mazing senior executive women coming down to give us the benefit of their experience and wisdom and we cannot wait. We’ve spent a long time – and a lot of money – training our team and are going through a real transition from ‘grant funded project that teaches’ to ‘business that can sustain itself. There are growing pains – to say the least – and it will be wonderful to be advised on what we can do to make our business bigger, brighter and better.

I hope you don’t mind the cheeky plug but one of the things we do need is more people to know about us – we *know* that when people know about us they tend to love us, and buy from us, and that’s all we need to keep going and supporting our team. If you can spread the word about our fabulous pants, or our fund-raising (the campaign ends on Sunday 9th – we’re raising funds to buy a new machine – 53 people raised 53% – so we just need another 47 to get us to 100% – pledges start at £15 and every single on helps) please do – it really, really helps when it is real genuine ‘ooh, I found this and love it’ kind of word of mouth.

Finally, we’ve announced our best sellers from August – our Double First and Domino gift sets, and our Beautiful Black pants – seems black is the key!

Big love to you all and sincere thanks for your support

Becky and the Who Made Your Pants? Team

News in brief…
Becky has cycled 13 miles non stop, a first since her accident, Della is depressed about the Super Cup defeat (we don’t know what that means but we are nodding and smiling) Sacdiyo and Zuhra have been doing cutting, sewing, inspecting AND trimming – they like the word versatile!; Batol is missing Yasmein, Nisha might have some exciting theatre work to do, Amy has been home to see her dogs (and family!) and Jackie has been around all Hampshire Open Studios


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