Who Made Your Pants?

Gorgeous Pants. By women, for women.

Doing good by being good


After the glorious sunshine of the weekend, where we had camping and bike rides and outdoor shenanigans, it looks like Southampton is back to autumn today. And the Paralympics is over too, the autumn trailers are starting up on the TV, British apples are appearing in the shops (and on the trees, I’ll be heading out foraging to a stunning apple spot locally soon) – it’s definitely the end of summer.

It’s also the end of our crowdfunding campaign – it closed this weekend and we raised a stunning £3520 which will go some long way towards our new machine and associated training. Thank you to everyone who helped us get there – every single penny helps us do what we do. We love seeing people progress through learning – just last week our gorgeous Yasmein told us she has passed her maths GCSE and she is thinking of doing sciences too. It made us all smile so hip hip hooray to that.

We had a very exciting Board Meeting here on Friday (yes, really!) As well as the Committee members you can see on our website, we have an Advisory Board made up of three senior, internationally experienced executive businesswomen and they all came to Southampton to help us develop some growth plans. We want to help lots of women; we want to make lots of jobs – we need to sell LOTS of pants and they were helping us come up with plans to do just that. It was a great meeting and really made us excited about where we’re going. You can help us too – if you love our pants, and why we make them, tell your friends they can have some smashing undies and do a great thing too. We love to be able to do good by being good, and getting something good all in one go!


Time to get on with another week of manufacturing. Our German stockist, Katherina, from the lovely Audrey Und Fred in Hamburg is visiting us any minute. Hope you all have a good week and that you love your new pants! Thank you for supporting us! 🙂

Becky and the Who Made Your Pants? Team

News in brief…

Becky spent a glorious night in an eco camp near the New Forest and saw an orange moon, Della is going to miss the Olynmpics and Paralympics, Amy is well again after a huge migraine, Sacdiyo and Zuhra have been increasing their English as it is their common language now, Batol was glad to see Yasmein unexpectedly back, Nisha is finalising her teaching methods for our new pants, and Jackie has been turning old scarves into GORGEOUS gift bags, on sale soon!


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