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Back to the Future

Hey hey pants fans!

I’m writing this on the 12th September so it can be sent out while I am away on leave. It’s always bit nervewracking to do that – you never know what might change or happen in the intervening time. So if by the time you get this, the media is full of dinosaurs resurging, or a lottery winner giving their winnings to charity or some other huge news… well, you’ll know why I’m not talking about it.

So, anyway – last week was an exciting week here. Our team are doing really well learning to make our gorgeous Black and Caramel Rosalind style. It’s lovely to see them progress, and be able to laugh at their early mistakes – it takes a level of confidence to be able to do that, and it’s great to see that growing. We’re not just about technical skills here – there is no sewing industry locally into which our team can transfer their practical skills. But the skills we are able to teach around team work, versatility, problem solving, team work, attention to detail, practising, quality – all of these skills are transferable across the board.

Our team has shifted a bit recently – Asma had a baby and so while she was insistent she’d be back, the busyness and tiredness that we predicted has kept her away, Yasmein has gone to the Sudan for a while – and the dynamic has changed. Often, our colleagues who share a language stick together at lunch – now that some of the ‘lynch pin’ members of those groups have gone, there is more mixing. There is more English being spoken as it is becoming the common language. We were sad to see colleagues go – even though we know they will be back – but it is actually working out really well.

We had a lovely little discussion last Tuesday about Battersea Dogs Home. Some of us Brits were talking about Paul O Grady’s current TV show and our team were looking a bit blank, so I explained about what Battersea Dogs Home is – and I also explained the word ‘soppy’ saying us Brits can get very soppy about our dogs and cats. The Brits in the office are fairly evenly split between having dogs or cats at home, and it was interesting to learn about the ways different cultures see certain animals. This then led onto a conversation about black cats, good and bad luck, walking under ladders and other superstitions. I find learning about these little things about cultures, that we all just know about our own, fascinating.

Time to go. Hope you are all having a smashing week and thanks for supporting our work. Every pair of pants you buy, every penny you spend with us, goes towards building a better world and a brighter future for real women. Love it 🙂

 News in brief…

Becky is away in Spain for her holiday, Della is keeping her bike in our office after a theft from the LOCKED work bike shed, Amy has visited sailing club. Nisha has been planning new training exercises for new recruits, Sacdiyo and Zuhra are enjoying training on the Rosalind style, Batol has started a class and Jackie is continuing to make gift bags.


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