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We found Buried Treasure!

Pants fans, we are excited!

We have happened upon one single solitary roll of the gorgeous hot pink lace we use to make our Pirate Pink shorts. They are usually made from lace that is 16cm top to bottom, and this new stuff is 23cm top to bottom.

This is them made up in the 16cm deep lace


We’ve made a sample pair and they make up into really lovely vintagey feeling high waisted pants. Very 50s style in look, as the extra lace up to the waist clings and curves in creating a really flattering look. And the cling factor holds so they have our usual qualities of no VPL, forgetaboutability and all day comfort.

We’re going to make just a tiny number, about 40 pairs of these. The current £5 off offer holds for them until the 16th October too. If you want them, move fast – three pairs have been snapped up already and that’s from one email and one tweet!

Drop us a line to hello@whomadeyourpants.co.uk telling us your size – if you’re an exisiting customer we can just ping you a payment link.

When they’re gone they’re gone!



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  1. […] The ladies at Who Made Your Pants have found one roll of wide lace, just like their amazingly soft and stretchy hot pink fabric. I already have a pair of those pants and so was well aware that it’s the most gorgeous stretch lace you’ll have fondled. Seriously, it doesn’t scratch in the slightest. The new lace is a generous 23cm top to bottom – as opposed to their usual 14-18cm wide fabrics – and they’ve made up a few pairs to test how this looks in the Aimee style. Gorgeous, high waisted and very retro in style was the verdict from the team and, now I have a pair of my own, I have to say I agree. Not only are they pretty and soft, but they’re even more comfortable than the usual Aimee shorts. I think I might need more than one pair! These gorgeous big pants are very limited edition indeed – as there’s only one roll of this lace, a maximum of 40 pairs will be made. They’re usually £28 but, until the 16th October, they are only £23. For that price, you don’t just get some beautiful big lacy knickers, you will also be helping to provide some amazing women with much needed jobs. To order these extremely ethical pants, email Becky and the team on hello@whomadeyourpants.co.uk telling them your size. I can guarantee that you won’t regret it. Oct 13th, 2012 | By lipsticklori | Category: Fashion Tags: ethical, fashion, lingerie, pants, social enterprise, sustainable, underwear […]

  2. […] Becky at Who Made Your Pants has kindly tipped me off about a some hot pink lace that she has unearthed and has been made into a limited number of high waisted vintage/ 50′s look pirate pink shorts (pictured above). There is a fantastic discount of £5 off until tommorrow (subject to stock), you can find out how to order them here. […]

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