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Web development internship offered, with support and some professional networking

Hey everybody!

Our uber clever web developer has had to pack in his life of gin and poetry and get himself a proper job. And we now need a PHP developer to improve and expand our existing promotions system.

We have a person and problem spec that can be sent out to any interested party but the key things to note are…

We are looking for somebody who can cope with complex programming logic, and sometimes confusing and contradictory accounting logic. They must be capable of appreciating the bigger picture, and understand that small changes can have unforeseen impacts if care is not taken. They must also be able to liaise with the sales team, understand their aims and priorities, and translate them into code. Must be experienced with PHP/MySQL

Timelines, deadlines and commitments will be taken seriously and must be made seriously. We are a small but growing fashion brand and late or incomplete delivery can have serious consequences for us. We are looking to get three key parts of this work, including a week of testing, done by the end of November 2012 in advance of a Christmas sales push,

Can easily be done remotely – there is no need to attend our premises at all.

This an unpaid internship however you would be working with and advised by one very experienced and well respected web developer. Additionally, if things work out, we would hope to introduce you to a global web development firm that we are just starting to work with The opportunity here is to work on a live project, within sight of people and organisations who, for example, might be looking to recruit bright talented young developers.

If you have relevant experience, can commit to having time to do this lease email stuff@whomadeyourpants.co.uk with WEBDEV in the subject line and we’ll send out the person spec by return


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