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Sweetie, Darling – it’s Absolutely Fabulous!

Wowee folks, it’s FEBRUARY! How did that happen?!

February for us is going to largely about Production. Having rejigged the space we use and the physical way in which work flows around our space, we’re now reviewing all the paperwork that goes with what we do, and the procedures, to make things as efficient as possible. Being an efficiency geek, I’m thoroughly excited about this – colour coding at the ready!

There is, of course, more to February that that though and Valentines day is a’coming… I think most of you know while we here at Who Made Your Pants? have nothing against men, and in fact quite like them we’re really all about women – supporting women, empowering women, and making gorgeous pants so that amazing women like you can have have a little bit of gorgeous every day – just for you.

In that mind, we’re offering a supertastic Valentines offer for you to send to the amazing women in your life, our gorgeous Sweetie, Darling! For just £25, (saving £8.50 on standard pricing), we’ll send a pair of our stunning Pink Fizz pants, carefully wrapped in our rustly, crinkly, pink and white layered Perfect Present tissue paper and ribbon gift wrap, and a handwritten gift card straight to any or all of the amazing women in your life. Shop for the offer here

Don’t delay – to make sure we get the gifts to your girls on time, Sweetie, Darling! is ONLY available from the 1st to the 11th of February. Take me to the shop!

Finally, we’re getting ready for a fascinating event at a big bank in London. We’ve been invited to go along and talk about how social businesses can change the world and I have to say, I jumped at the chance. I’m a firm believer that business is a key driver for social change – people want jobs, not charity, and businesses are good at creating jobs, Some * cough * perhaps focus on the quality of the jobs a little more than others – but who are we to comment 🙂

That’s all for this time folks. Thanks for your ongoing support – every time YOU buy a pair of OUR pants, you’re voting for a better, brighter world for real women right here in the UK. And getting something fab for yourself too. Who can say better than that?




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