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I know a girl from a lonely street…

…Cold as Ice Cream but still as sweet, dry your eyes Sunda(e) Girl…

April - Sundae Girl



On this VERY DAY in 1892 the word Sunday was first used in print. Platt and Colt advertised a “Cherry Sunday” in the Ithaca Daily Journal and a host of scrummy desserts and treats was born. If that’s not a date worth celebrating, we don’t know what is, especially amidst this continuing cold and grey weather.

No matter how much we love a good sundae (and we do, we all went out for ice cream, um, in December, when it was WARMER than now!), it’s a bit too chilly for us to venture to our local ice cream parlour, so instead we’ve launched a toothsome looking set, our delicious, ‘Sundae Girl’.

Combining our Shocker, Champagne and Pink Fizz pants, all this sweet treat needs is a cherry on top to finish it off!

To celebrate the launch, we’re offering this set at £49 today only, a massive £15 off the usual £64 price. So brighten up your day and join us in looking forward to when we can be eating ice cream for real!


Shop the offer here


PS You may have heard that we were able to increase our team’s hours last week, just by two hours per woman per week but it’s hugely important to them and us. YOU did that. Every single pair of pants YOU buy makes thing like that possible. Do good. Get good. Feel good.





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One Response

  1. beckypants says:

    How can we not love this amazing reply from a customer to our mail out about this –

    You, my dears, are just absolutely frightful. Just as I’d made a pledge to myself not to indulge in anything this month and to conserve the resources, up pops a completely irresistible offer. What’s a girl to do?

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