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We’re hiring – from January (edit 28/10/13 – from NOW)

EDIT 28/10/13

If the right person is out there and wary of weeks here and there, we’re very open to talking about this as a permanent role right away. Exciting times!

EDIT October 22 2013 We also need someone for a few weeks in November. role description is broadly the same. Please get in touch with any questions. Thank YOU!

Hi folks!

Exciting news folks!

As of January we will be looking for a permanent, part time – currently 3/4 days a week (leading to full, as we grow) Production Superviser in our Southampton factory. We’re working up a job description and will be able to provide that later this year, but the we want to flag this opportunity as early as possible. PLEASE feel free to share this with friends!

The role involves:

Translating a weekly production plan, provided by management, into work for the team

Weekly machine maintenance and occasional troubleshooting

Providing on the job training and support to the team

Introducing new designs to the team, with support, instruction and guidance from our designer

Being a ‘runner’ moving work from station to station in the factory space to ensure production line flows smoothly

QA Inspection

Reporting back to management and the team via simple statistics

Recording inventory on computer systems

Reviewing stock levels and requesting new items when necessary

A lot of physical activity in a busy space

Working with stretch fabrics – we use NO rigid fabrics at all.

The person we are looking for will be comfortable working with women with varying levels of English, and will be able to communicate concepts and methods simply and clearly. You will be have experience of industrial and domestic sewing machines, and know how to use look after them. Experience of working with stretch fabrics is very very desirable!

Salary TBC

There will be more info to follow but hope this ie enough to get people thinking!


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