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We found a new superviser, right under our own roof

You may have seen recently that we have been looking for a new superviser. I’m delighted to tell you that we have found one – right under our own roof. Our lovely, wonderful, talented, frankly bloody wonderful Zuhra is going to be taking the post.

Our current superviser is Nisha, a  talented seamstress extraordinaire.  Nisha has been freelancing with us, and working for other people as well. The opportunities she is getting are really exciting – she’s off on a cruise ship for three weeks next week – and it’s clear that that’s going to continue. It’s a really exciting time for her and we love hearing her stories, but as we grow and develop, we need a superviser that we know is going to be here week in week out.

Finding people who can use the machines and fabrics we use is rare in the part of the world. Lots of people can sew rigid fabrics but we use our lovely soft stretch fabrics and that’s a whole thing. Zuhra is already the team member that the others look to if Nisha is away – her quiet studious ways mean she absorbs lots of information and can share and explain it, too.

So. The hunt for a superviser is off.  Hooray for Zuhra 🙂





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