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Who Made Your Pants? backs no More page 3

I am delighted to announce that Who Made Your Pants? today publicly pledges support to the No More Page Three campaign.

Personally, I have long been a supporter of this campaign but as Who Made Your Pants? is a co-operative business, I’ve been wary of speaking in a way that might be perceived to be ‘on behalf of  the business’ without checking with the team.

Well, just recently I received my lovely No More Page 3 T shirt and wore it to work. I asked every one of the team, workers, volunteers and the Board what they thought – and we all agree. Boobs aren’t news. No more page three, thanks.

When I explained to my team what Page 3 was – some of them had not seen it – one worker said, ‘but why? Why does the lady do it?’.

It was hard to find an answer.

Here at Who Made Your Pants? we make gorgeous underwear for women to feel good about themselves in. We don’t make sexy lingerie to seduce someone in. And that’s not because any of us are prudes or anything like it. It’s just that we have our bodies, with our breasts on, day in and day out – whether we are feeling sexy or not, and I believe in fabulous underwear for those days as well as the sexytime days. I don’t believe it has to be a choice between scraps of red lace and baggy grey pants. I want lovely pink lace and hot turquoise just because they make my heart sing, every damn day. It’s my little bit of fabulous, just for me, every day.

I suspect MOST people spend more time feeling non sexy than sexy, and yet certain lumps of flesh are taken to 100% sexytime all of the time. As if just by having breasts you’re a permanently one step away from being Miss Va Va Voom. And it’s nonsense. I remember some guy commenting to me once that I must have wanted people to look at my breasts as I was wearing a vest top. In summer. When it was hot. I can’t help having breasts the size I do and I can’t help getting hot – and I certainly wasn’t thinking about him or anyone else when I got dressed that day, or any day. Did he think about what anyone would think of him while he got dressed? No, of course not. Because society hasn’t laid claim to any part of his body. No part of his body has routinely been revealed behind packets of nuts in bars, on calendars in garages, and he has never been reduced to being a body part first and himself second.

If breasts are always presented as sexytimefuntoys, they are never allowed to be just ours, just bits of body, no more erotic than an elbow, and just as likely to develop an itch or get banged into something by accident. If breasts are public property, that means that commenting on them is fine – it means that street harassment is fine. Uh-uh.

We at Who Made Your Pants? don’t think that’s what breasts are. We don’t think that any part of any body belongs to anyone but the person living in it. We don’t think that there is any place in a newspaper for a possibly chilly young woman who is significantly more than her mammary glands.

So. We’re proud to standing with No More Page 3. More power to your elbow. Even if it has an itch.


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  1. One & All says:

    I really, really like this way of looking at the issue – the bit about boobs sometimes just being a bit of you. It seems a simple point, but actually it’s rather profound. And I like the way you have expressed it without any rhetoric about misogyny and patriarchy. That makes this one of the best explanations for why Page 3 should go that I have read. Thanks!

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