Who Made Your Pants?

Gorgeous Pants. By women, for women.

Who do you love? (And would they like a present?)

Who loves ya baby?

And who do you love?

One of the things we love about you, our fabulous supporters, is how much you seem to love us. When we get hand written letters of thanks from all the way down under in Australia, and photos of people in their wedding dresses after we’ve sent them their wedding pants, and hand decorated baubles with red lacy pants painted onto them – well, we feel very close to you and WE LOVE IT. Our team genuinely love hearing your friendly emails and we think that the real sisterhood we share between us is a wonderful, powerful thing.

This Valentines day we want to be your Valentine! We want to share that love with you – and your friends. We want to know who YOU love so that we can give them, and you, a little something.

We’ll give every single one of your friends £10 off their first order with us, as long as it’s placed before 23.59 on the 14th February – this is a Valentines thing after all. And we’ll give you £5 for every friend who buys, and that money will be pinged to you as an evoucher by the 21st Feb. No maximum number of £5 either – if ten of your friends buy, you’ll get £50. If 100 do – well, that’s a whole lot of pants!

Share the pants love with any of your friends that you think would like some money off our fabulous, super powered, job creating pants. Tell your friends to email us hello@whomadeyourpants.co.uk for their £10 code and to tell us who sent them. And we’ll do the rest.

Whatever you do this Valentines Day, we hope you have a lovely time with lots of whoever and whatever you like best.

With love

Becky, Batol, Catherine, Gill, Sacdiya, Samia, Selina, Yasmein and Zuhra



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