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Man pants.. the never ending sto-rreeeeeee

Man pants eh..

They’ve been on our to do list for a long while. Lots of people have asked us about them. We sourced the machine – yay! – we sourced the components for our first short run – yay – we did initial training – yay! And we made and sold (out of) our first run. Woo and very yay!

And then we hit a few walls. 

The main problem is that the elastic we need for the waistband is not with us.  It’s pretty critical.

We ordered the elastic in autumn 2013 and there seem to have been numerous glitches in getting it to us including us receiving entirely the wrong thing – our supplier ‘thought it might tide us over’ which is a very thoughtful gesture but sadly a completely unhelpful one as it doesn’t match our patterns or stretch as much as the original elastic did, meaning the fit would be entirely different. We are being told daily that the new elastic is being made and is in progress and we can only hope it is and that it is with us very soon.

As soon as we receive it we will start shouting from the rooftops about it and we will be making more man pants. 

I’m genuinely sorry about this delay – thanks all of you who are still asking and who want to know when they’ll be back. We’ve had some great feedback on the pairs that are out there already – thank you. We’re looking forward to sharing the pants love with more of you menfolks ASAP.







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One Response

  1. ginnie says:

    O these pants are so fabulous! I bought two pairs for my fabulous young man for Christmas and he was absolutely blown away by them (as well as looking drop-dead gorgeous in them!). I defy any chap not to look his absolute best in them!

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