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What colour is skin tone?

Way back in the day, even before I’d met any of the women who would become my colleagues here at Who Made Your Pants? people were putting in requests for the sorts of pants they wanted us to make.

One of the requests we got a lot – and still get, is for ‘nude’ or ‘skin tone’.

My answer is always ‘whose skin?’. If you look at the way those words are used, it so often means ‘that orangey pink yellowy colour that means flesh tone for white people’. And I’m clear that nude is not just a word for white people. There are ten of us in the Who Made Your Pants? premises on a regular basis, from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Britain, Somalia and the Sudan. Plus we have our Board of another four women, including American, British and Jamaican women, and not one of us has the same skin tone as another. The idea that ‘nude’ or ‘skin tone’ means one thing only genuinely seems a bit daft to me. And I’ve stubbornly resisted making anything in *that* colour until we were able to offer something at the same time that would hopefully work for darker skins, too.

So. We can’t make ten shades as we haven’t found ten fabrics, but today we’re launching two colours in our classic Aimee shape. They are lovely in themselves and I also hope that they will work for some people as ‘skin tones’ or ‘nudes’.

We have a lovely rich brown, Marvellous Marron, and a soft ivory, Beautiful Blanc. Both are priced at £12.50, the same price as our Aimee black and white basics, and like them they are available as Working Week packs. There is special launch pricing this weekend – £2.50 off the individual pants, making them £10, and £5 off the Working Week packs meaning that for this weekend only they are £48.50

I really hope that these pants make you as happy as they have made all of us here. For me at least they are about so much more than just pants

Shop the offer here until 23.59 on midnight on Sunday and we’ll post your pants out on Monday the 17th


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  1. harry says:

    See also, Bloom County 🙂



    Cheers, and well done 🙂


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