Who Made Your Pants?

Gorgeous Pants. By women, for women.

Rana Plaza, one year on.

It’s the anniversary of the Rana Plaza collapse today. Over 1000 people died, and over 2500 people were rescued alive after the eight storey building collapsed, under 24 hours after workers left because of  huge cracks in a wall. That’s over 3500 people directly affected by the collapse – and many of those will have been the only wage earners in their families, with others depending on them. Thousands – literally thousands – of people have been affected by this tragedy.

We know that people have hard choices to make here in the UK about where they spend their money. We know that people all around the world want jobs, and we know that calling for a boycott won’t help those people who want to put their own wages in their own pocket. But we think work can be better than that. We think that people are basically pretty good. We think that that most people don’t think much about where their clothes come from because they presume that, like them, people doing jobs all around the world will be decent and won’t treat people badly. We genuinely believe that when people find out what goes on behind the scenes, they don’t want to be part of it. And we want to show that it is possible to do good, made great products and run a successful business.

We’re proud to tell you Who Made Your Pants? We’re proud of our factory, our team, our products, our lunch breaks, the way we talk to each other and the way you talk to us, and of the way we are growing this tiny business. We’re so proud that YOU like that we do.

Most blogs I write are about offers, news, promotions. And yes, there’s a chance to shop/help here – we’re going to give 15% of any sales we take today to Raising for Rana who are raising funds directly for those still affected – but if you do nothing else today, perhaps just take a moment to reflect. Be grateful that you haven’t had to work in somewhere like Rana Plaza. Maybe today think about how much richer most of us are in countries like the UK than many are in Bangladesh – running water, safer housing and strict labour laws for a start. And maybe just remember those people. They were treated badly and we will not forget them.

We can all be part of the change we want to see in the world – tiny steps are as valuable as huge leaps. We’re glad to be walking forward towards a better world with YOU.

With love


Becky, Batol, Catherine, Dina, Gill, Sacdiya, Samia, Selina, Setara, Yasmein, Zuhra



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