Who Made Your Pants?

Gorgeous Pants. By women, for women.

The end is the beginning is the end. Or, more on man pants.

Man pants. Man pants. Oh man pants.

Many of you have been asking us about man pants. And now we have had some conversations, made some decisions – and we have some news.

The long and the short of it is that man pants are on hold for a while. The reason? Our way of sourcing fabric for woman pants doesn’t work for man pants. No matter how much we try to make it.

Let me explain…

We source all our fabrics from what big factories throw away. Turning what others see as waste into treasure has always been a fundamental part of who we are and how we design – we find fabrics and design to them, rather than designing pants and then sourcing fabrics. Buying the way we do means that  we make short runs – everything is limited edition.

In our experience, and based on what we have been told by people who support us, women tell us that they like lots of variety – and men have said to us many times, if you make something I like I will buy ten pairs.

That presents us with a problem. In fashion/retail language that means that men seem to want ‘continuity’ items more than women do. And our way of sourcing is set up in totally the opposite way. Much more serendipitous treasure hunt than continuity. We’ve been trying to push the square peg of sourcing for a continuity item into the round hole of our supply chain and it hasn’t worked and so we’ve decided that we’re just going to have to treat man and woman pants differently. We’re going to find a fabric that we like, that we can support on environmental and ethical grounds, and that will make great pants. We’re going to get elastic made in the UK to our specification. And then when we can do those two things, man pants will be back.

We want to get this right so we’re not going to rush. We’re enormously grateful that you want us to make these – and we will. Those few of you out there that have the already, we hope you continue to love them. And we look forward to sharing our new Man Pants with you as soon as we can.

Watch this space….




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6 Responses

  1. Harry says:

    Furry snuff. However, for me at least, it’s shape and fit that govern my liking for pants, material and pattern/colour is pretty low on the list..

  2. suekrekorian says:

    Don’t women often buy pants for their men anyway? Maybe the continuity isn’t such a mega-problem, but comfort and non-chafing are important.

    • beckypants says:

      Hi Sue. Thanks for your thoughts. That’s certainly true for some couples we’re sure, but not all. And the continuity thing is important for how we source as much as how people might buy from us – our suppliers don’t get *anything* suitable on anything like a regular basis. Their business is lingerie fabrics- lace, lycra etc. They very very very occasionally get *any* cotton jersey with lycra of the right percentage (8% minimum, 10% better) – perhaps once a year, and in small quantities. So we might, occasionally, be able to make say 50 pairs. And that just won’t work for us. We couldn’t plan around it – plus, even on a tiny production line like ours, it’s much more cost effective to make 500 of something than 50. So we need a better solution – and we’re looking for it now. Watch this space!

  3. Andyb505 says:

    Becky, thanks for the update. I don’t really mind what colour or pattern, but definitely not frilly 🙂 I love my man pants (good shape and cut) and look forward to the next pair!

  4. The Author says:

    Let me know when you have some in stock as I will be buying!

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