Who Made Your Pants?

Gorgeous Pants. By women, for women.

WINNERS of our Vagenda competition!

Thanks to everyone who entered our #badpantsday competition with The Vagenda!

We had so many great entries and tired cliche that it might sound, we really struggled to pick! The out and out winner of first prize, winning The Vagenda’s ‘A Zero Tolerance guide to The Media’, a Who Made Your Pants? T shirt and a £25 Who Made Your Pants? voucher was @BeccaMeriel who said… Monkeys stole all my freshly washed pants I’d hung on some bushes to dry in Thailand.  I swear they were laughing at me as they disappeared into the trees. :)’

Second prize, a copy of The Vagenda’s ‘A Zero Tolerance guide to The Media’, a Who Made Your Pants? T shirt, goes to Iona who submitted her story by email. We had a lot of accidental flashing stories but this was quite spectacular…


‘Years ago I lived in a grotty bedsit and had run out of clean clothes, having just one long floaty hippy dress left to wear, with nothing else apart from sandals and a hat. So I headed to the nearest launderette and poked everything I owned apart from said floaty dress into the washer. Then I headed off to the pub for a pint while the washing sploshed about. It was a hot Saturday, and as I walked towards the pub near the cross in the centre, through the crowds of shoppers, there was a sudden gust of wind which picked up the floaty dress and flung it over my head, revealing to a packed street that I had no pants on! I needed two pints after that!




Three runners up will each receive a copy of The Vagenda’s ‘A Zero Tolerance guide to The Media’ (and we’ll slip in a £5 voucher too)
They are…

Dr Laura  – tried cutting off a ridiculously large label. Ended up cutting impromptu peephole into my pants

Lynda Saul for her tales of woe –  hubby & I both mistook my massive maternity pants for a moses basket sheet. also-forgot new pants @ hospital after baby-hubby went to buy -came back with massive mens boxers

And finally Lynne Hughes I mooned hubby after getting out of the shower on Fri – I also “sunnied” the builders on the roof opposite. Sigh

Thanks everyone! We’ll be in touch soon with your prizes!


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