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Wedding bells are ringing in the changes

This summer, our lovely supervisor Zuhra is getting married. We’re all very excited for her and have asked for lots of photos.

There’s a tiny thing though. Zuhra is getting married – in Afghanistan. And she’s going to be away for a grand total of ten weeks.

Zuhra is – frankly – indispensable. We can’t run the factory without her. And so, after discussing various options with the team, we’ve agreed that they will have an extended summer break. The shop side of things will remain very much open – and we’ve been offering extra hours to ensure we’re stocked up – but the actual machines will stay silent from the middle of June until the middle of September.

As well as that, we have another team member who needs to go home for eight weeks, and one who is already away. It’s hard when families are far away – there is a balance to find that gives people the time to see their relatives but that also keeps us running with enough people around, too.

The team are actually pretty happy. This time covers Ramadan which is hard (and actually risky – needles! knives! machines!) to work through when it’s hot and one is fasting. And it covers the school summer holidays and a lot of small people are happy that Mum will be at home with them.

It’s going to be VERY quiet for us in the office, and we’ve (only half jokingly) suggested that the team leave us some lovely lunch in the freezer – we’ll miss Zuhras spinach and her mum’s bread, Samia’s aubergine and Yasmein’s beans – but we’ll have plenty to keep us busy and we’ll have a bright and shiny newly organised and better space ready for our lovely team when they come back.

So. We’ll be around – will you keep us company? We hope so!

With love from us all

Becky and the team x


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2 Responses

  1. Jenny says:

    Congratulations to Zuhra! And hope everyone enjoys the summer break 🙂

  2. Wishing Zuhra and her new husband every happiness. Wishing the team a happy summer break and hoping the autumn finds you all back in place making us more wonderful pants 🙂

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