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Dinner for two, with a view

It’s not often that you get to watch ferries and container ships pass by

photo 3

out of your window while you eat your dinner but that’s exactly what happened just over a week ago, when I was able to take our wonderful placement student Hannah to a great local restaurant.

Kuti’s is a well known name in good food in Southampton and the surrounding areas. They have four restaurants and when they asked for bloggers to go and eat and review the Royal Thai Pier I have to say I jumped at the chance.

I’d booked for a post work dinner on a Monday night. Hannah was coming to the end of her time with us and I wanted to take her somewhere lovely as she’d worked so hard and contributed so much to WMYP. The Royal Pier looks beautiful as you approach it and from the moment the door was opened by a smiling woman who ushered us in, I knew we were in for a lovely time.

The weather was good and we were able to sit next to a window in the Waterfront View Room and idly watch sail boats and container ships pass each other. At 6.30 we were only the second table of diners but by the time we left, the room was happily buzzy.

Kuti’s talks about the service being ‘discreet’ which is is but it’s attentive too, so you’re never left waiting long. We ordered the vegetarian set meal for two and this is the ONLY Thai restaurant I have ever been to that acknowledged immediately that this meant there would be no fish sauce or oyster sauce, and, ‘sorry, but the prawn crackers aren’t suitable’ for me as they aren’t vegetarian. Given that there is another Thai restaurant in Southampton which specifically states on it’s menu that ‘none of our dishes are vegetarian’ this made me feel immensely cheered and considered –  the standard offer for vegetarians is still, in many places, ‘well you could have that without the meat’ that consideration is something that I will happily pay for.

Our starter of vegetable tempura and other treats didn’t last very long – we had cycled there after moving loads of things around in the factory so were both pretty hungry. I can only show you what was left

photo 2 (1)


Not much!

The tempura was so light we spent a good few minutes musing on how it had been achieved. And the dips in their own right were amazing – and after this picture was taken most of what was left on the bottom of those little bowls was scraped out by us.

Then came the main course.  It was presented so prettily it was (almost) a shame to demolish and was served very nicely by the staff – I can’t commend them enough to be honest.


photo 4

It included a luscious green curry, and two dishes I’d never tried before – sauteed aubergines with chillies and sweet basil in salted bean sauce, and sauteed fresh tofu with cashew nuts in chilli oil. Aubergine and tofu have – in my experience – tended to easily become slimy puddles of sadness but in both cases here the flavours and textures were perfect. No slime – that’s what we like! Along with this we also had stir-fried mixed vegetables in soya sauce and steamed Thai fragrant rice.

We entertained the possibility of pudding but it was struggle to even manage the fragrant Jasmine tea.

By 8pm we had two very happy, full tummies. I hadn’t mentioned when I arrived that I was there with a view to write a review, but I did when I paid and the Operations Director Kamal came to meet me. He talked to me about what we do at WMYP and told me – as I already knew – that Kuti’s are big supporters of the local community. I particularly love that they are licenced for civil ceremonies – Southampton has precious little public access to the water and this would be a gorgeous place to celebrate.

I’m genuinely happy to say that the meal was delicious, the service faultless and the whole thing flawless.

If you do get the chance to go to The Royal Thai pier I hope you take it. Sometimes, when the cruise ships go out, there are fireworks and you could have dinner here and then stand outside (or stay in the warm) and watch them. Hannah and I both had a lovely time there and I hope Kuti’s continue satisfying tummies and supporting local activity for many years to come.

Most of our dinner was on the house so this counts as a sponsored post. But I’ll be going there again and paying. Worth every penny.





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  1. Harry says:

    Nice review. You wondered about the light tempura batter – it’s probably made using rice flour. This adds a crispness and lightness (and also makes it gluten free).

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