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Coming soon – Hannah Pants

This summer, we have been really fortunate and have had a great placement student.

Hannah came to us for one month, on Monday the 2nd June. We had two applications from students at Leicester De Montford for our summer placement, one from a third year and one from someone just ending her first year – Hannah. When we read Hannah’s email we kind of just knew a good person had found us. That first email folks – it makes all the difference. In hers, Hannah showed us that she *knew* who we were and that she got what we’re doing and why. And we loved that.

So,  after meeting Hannah and seeing quite how capable she is (she has four jobs. She rows. She teaches. She’s a student. She’s 20. She’s amazing) we let her do whatever she wanted, She worked with the team, did every job in the factory, and then after the team went on summer break she worked with us on maximising efficiency in production by changing the factory layout. She lifted, shifted and hoovered, picked and packed pants, made up the mailing boxes – she did a little bit of everything, with a smile on her face and quite often singing, too.

And then we talked about pants. Hannah had an idea for a simple style in mind, and we quickly found that we had a huge win win situation on our hands. For us, we were going to get a new style that was 100% grounded in the existing skillset of the team. And for Hannah, well, she was going to have a live product.

We picked three some part rolls of fabric and we agreed that Hannah could pretty much do what she wanted.

She made one simple design. By adding lace to the waist we have a second design. By adding lace to the waist and the legs we have a third. By adding lace to the legs only we have a fourth.

Now we consider ourselves to be pretty good at making things do many jobs but this was beyond our wildest dreams. Remember we said above that Hannah just *got* us – this was the evidence, She really, really did.

We usually name our pants via facebook polls after women who have been forgotten but we think you’ll agree that these are definitely Hannah Pants. The style with elastic on the waist will be called May, and the third Steph – both names that are important to Hannah. The fourth we’re still mulling over.

Hannah Pants will launch on the 25th July. There are 81 pairs in total, split (not equally) between three colours and across our usual size range. Some are already reserved.

We genuinely hope you love them and will pass all feedback to Hannah.


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One Response

  1. Liz says:

    25 July is my wedding anniversary. I’ve no idea what the “official” gift is for a 22nd anniversary, but I’m going to tell my husband it’s pants!

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