Who Made Your Pants?

Gorgeous Pants. By women, for women.

Who’s that girl?

The eagle eyed among you will have notice the names Rosalind Jana and Florence Fox popping up across our social media and blogs regularly recently.

Well we’re delighted to tell you that we’re working together on our ‘More Than Sexy’ campaign (watch out on Wednesday!) and that Rosalind and Florence are now our official ‘go to’ team for all things photography. We thought about saying that Rosalind was ‘the face of’ Who Made Your Pants? but it just sounded odd. So we’re not.

Rosalind is a writer, model, student, spinal surgery survivor, winner of the Observer Ethical Awards ‘Best Dressed’ in 2013 and junior editor of Violet magazine. She says,

‘Working with WMYP brings together two things I love – ethics, and really nice pants. Getting to play the superhero by prancing around in knickers and shiny leggings on a busy London street was a lot of fun, made all the better by knowing that the gorgeous underthings I had on help to provide jobs and support for refugee women’

Florence is her friend, and is herself an award winning photographer (yes that’s Rosalind in the picture!). Her wedding shots are just delicious but we loved the spark we saw in Rosalind in the shots they’ve done together. We think Who Made Your Pants? superpoweredjobcreatingpants are about happiness and fun and all of those things come through in the photos Florence has taken of Rosalind. There’s also something intimate and honest that can only come from having fun with an old friend – and were thrilled to be able to bring that connection into our photography. 

We’re so proud to be working with two such amazing women – we hope you’ll join us in looking forward to seeing more of their work very soon



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