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More than just being sexy

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been talking with you about finding ways to take pictures of women in pants that aren’t sexualised or objectifying. We think there’s more to women than just being sexy (as wonderful and fun as that part of womanhood is, it’s not the whole of our lives and we – and you – do tend to wear pants when we’re just *being*) and we genuinely think that every day can be a great pants day without it having to mean anything more than that.

Lingerie blogger Denocte agrees…
‘I hate that lingerie is always advertised as having to be sexy of course for the male partner. because how dare a woman wear something comfy, pretty, etc for herself, right? outrageous!’

You’ve asked us for images so that you can see where our pants sit on bodies. We came up with one idea: superheroes! And we had great fun with our friend Roz – a writer, student, spinal surgery survivor and model. She leapt around London and was a great example of how comfortable our pants are for high kicks and quick changes in phone boxes. Photographer Flo has worked with Roz for ages and you can see how much fun they had – Check out our images here – we love them!

You’ve also given us some great ideas – thank you! We’ve had suggestions (and offers to make these happen!) of…

  • ‘…me at my legs bums and tums class wearing pants over my leggings’
  • ‘…reading the economist on the loo with your pants just visible’
  • ‘…leggings then your knickers and a woman doing sports – weightlifting!’
  • women creating artworks
  • women studying in a library

We’ve had some more detailed suggestions..

‘You could have pictures of various shapes, sizes of (real, not model) women (not necessarily showing their faces doing all those things – then the same women in WMYP pants – cool, calm, happy and confident that their pants won’t let them down

We’ve also had some great pictures shared with us of women doing brilliant things in our pants – climbing Snowdon and skydiving

So – what next?

Well, these are all wonderful things, but we know that not everyone feels like a superhero – and even those who do don’t feel like one all of the time. We also know that not everyone can (and not everyone wants to) jump out of planes or leap about in a superhero outfit – we’ve had a lovely review from Meme on our website saying…

‘Comfort in a pair of pants comes first and foremost for me, not only as I’m in a wheelchair most of the time, but also as clothes can cause pain at times, wearing something that doesn’t cut in was paramount. I can safely say that these pants fit my brief!’

So we know that great pants are important for all kinds of reasons.

We know you – we – are more than one thing. So who else are you – and how can we show that? You’ve asked us for images so you can see where the pants actually sit on real bodies – tell us, how can we show this in a really positive way? We KNOW you have ideas so please – please – do tell us about them!

Share your ideas with us from today until the 4th September – use hashtag #morethansexy on twitter, tell us on facebook or email us. The team will pick their favourite and we’ll shoot it in October.

We’re so looking forward to hearing your ideas!

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facebook /whomadeyourpants

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