Who Made Your Pants?

Gorgeous Pants. By women, for women.

Time for tea?

Have a tea break, on us!

We’ve partnered with our friends teapigs and every box we send out in September will contain a sample of their delicious everyday brew.

Our Year of Pants members will also be getting a Darjeeling sample.

teapigs have been part of the pants story for a while and so we’re delighted to be able to work with them. Becky first met met Nick from teapigs at the Do Lectures, an inspirational series of talks, in 2008. Tickets now cost £1500 but that year, they asked for handwritten letters explaining why you were a ‘do-er’ and what you were doing. Becky was just starting to ‘do’ pants and excitedly wrote her letter in purple ink at 1am, and was delighted to be picked to go.

teapigs is a few years older than us and Nick generously gave his time and expertise on our website, ecommerce, picking, packing – and took Becky out for a very nice sandwich in Ealing, just a minute away from the Ealing Studios.

We really hope you enjoy the tea and if you do you can bag yourself a bargain – use code pants at teapigs online store all through September to get 10% off (small print – excludes cheeky deals, pick n mix, subscribe and save and matcha kits.


Shop here with us and we’ll do the rest!


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