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YOU can help us win £10k! Just CLICK!

Oh it’s been hard keeping this secret but I am delighted and proud to finally tell you today that I am one of five finalists shortlisted in something called SEYA* – and the prize of £10,000 will be won BY PUBLIC VOTE

The page to vote should be here or very near here I wrote this before I went on holidays and the page was announced while I was away. I’ll update as soon as I can!


The £10,000 has to be spent in six months and I know EXACTLY what we’d spend it on.

  1. We’d turn Catherine *taps with a magic wand* into a full time worker not a part time one so there would ALWAYS be someone here to answer the phone and help you and generally make things work brilliantly. (she is 100% made of awesome. One thing she is brilliant at is seeing things that we do that take a long time and finding ways to make them quicker. She oversaw the entire process of us getting your order paperwork printed automatically instead of manually saying us easily ten hours of work a week. Her next target is production admin and paperwork ).
  2. We’d provide a total of three extra shifts of work a week to our existing team, in packing – moving them up and along inside the business, to learn more about how we do what we do
  3. We’d pay for extra training visits from our trainer. There is almost no lingerie expertise in the South and our trainer lives MILES away up north so getting her here is a big expense and she can’t just drop in if we have a questions. Our team were novices when they started here with us and still have things to learn. It helps the team SO MUCH and every time she comes, they leap just forward.

Every single click will count. Please vote for us and ask your friends, neighbours and anyone else you can think of. This £10k would make a HUGE difference to our work and we think would allow us to make new jobs faster.

PLEASE HELP US WIN! It would make SUCH a difference!


*To give SEYA it’s full name, it is the *deep breath* Lloyds  Social Entrepreneurs programme Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Phew!



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